2020 Honda Fit Oil Change

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2020 Honda Fit Oil Change

Understanding Synthetic Engine Oil for Your 2020 Honda Fit

Are you thinking about switching your 2020 Honda Fit over to synthetic oil for its engine lubrication? It’s not a bad idea. Synthetic oil has been proven to withstand engine pressures and temperatures better, it protects engine parts better, and it’s an advantage as vehicle age, and their parts wear down a bit with time and use.

An Alternative with Synthetic Oil Blends

A synthetic blend engine oil is a lesser-known option available. This is an engine oil choice that combines both traditional mineral oil and synthetic in the same product. A Honda Fit driver could enjoy the added protection of synthetic oil without paying the expensive price tag that comes with a full synthetic oil change every maintenance appointment. Of course, regardless of which oil is chosen, the key factor is to stay on track with regularly scheduled oil changes for your vehicle. It’s a very low-cost way of avoiding much bigger headaches down the road, and it has been proven to be one of the most significant factors in extending the life of a vehicle. Lubrication is a must for a working engine, but regularly changing it washes the inside of the engine of all the gunk that occurs over time. New oil help move shavings from parts contacting and carbon out of the engine into the oil reservoir. From there, it gets blocked by the oil filter from going back into the engine, keeping the parts clean. Changing the oil then removes this gunk and particle material from the engine entirely.

Full-Synthetic Oil for the Hard Working 2020 Honda Fit

If you drive hard, far, and a lot, then your road warrior driving style will be better served with fully synthetic engine oil in your 2020 Honda Fit. This type of oil is specifically made with more protection capability, which an engine needs when it is driving for long periods of time and hard. You get less sludge, greater part protection, and higher viscosity. Even if the oil price is a bit higher than mineral oil, it’s still peanuts versus the cost of engine repair. However, if you decide to go full synthetic in your 2020 Honda Fit, then you’ll want a professional Honda technician team to do the full flush and installation of the new synthetic oil. Synthetic oil products never mix with regular engine oil at all.

Rely on the Professionals to Handle your 2020 Honda Fit’s Synthetic Oil Change

Our service team at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills in Fort Worth, TX can go into a lot of detail for you on the differences of engine oil and how it works in your 2020 Honda Fit. We can also combine other maintenance services with the oil change, making your visit more efficient and saving you time. We service Hondas from all over the area, including cars brought in from Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, TX. We want to keep you happy on the road and with your 2020 Honda Fit running right. Allow our team to take care of your car, checking everything our multi-point inspection, and keep you driving for a long time to come.

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