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Proactive Timing Belt Replacement at the Recommended Maintenance Interval is Best


Never ignore the symptoms of a faulty timing belt because it will eventually break. If the engine is running and the Timing Belt fails, the moving parts will impact each other and cause damage. Most likely the outcome will be bent valves, camshaft damage, cylinder head warping, and cylinder wall impairment. As you can probably imagine, these damages are relatively extensive with expensive repairs. One of the best ways to prevent a catastrophic timing belt failure is making sure it gets replaced if you have symptoms of wear and tear or being proactive with timing belt replacement service as outlined in the Honda Accord owner’s manual. Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex just a short drive for our friends in Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, Texas.

Honda Accord Timing Belt

Every Honda Accord has a Timing Belt or Chain responsible for synchronizing the moving parts of the engine. The Timing Belt wraps around the crankshaft drive and delivers the force from the engine to turn the camshaft above. The camshaft spins with sculpted lobes to open and close the intake and exhaust valves right on time with the pistons. Absolute precision is necessary if you want to enjoy a smooth driving experience, engine efficiency, and reliability. Like a perfectly choreographed ballet right inside your engine, the Timing Belt is like a conductor leading an orchestra of moving engine parts. In short, the Timing Belt is what makes your Honda Accord’s engine purr.


Symptoms of a Faulty Timing Belt


The best way to maintain a Honda Accord Timing Belt is to be proactive with service before it fails. Before a faulty timing belt breaks from excessive wear and tear, Honda recommends changing the timing belt in most Accords at 105,000 miles or after 7 years. However, at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills our factory trained certified Honda technicians always recommend that drivers monitor their engine performance for any of the following symptoms of a faulty timing belt:

  • Engine ticking noise
  • Engine won’t start
  • Engine misfire condition
  • Oil leak in front of the engine
  • Metal shavings in engine oil
  • Rattling or rough idle

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