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Genuine Honda Civic Transmission Service


At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, you can expect to receive a genuine Honda Civic Transmission Service that begins with a factory trained certified Honda Technician, certified transmission service protocol, and genuine Honda-approved transmission fluid and replacement parts as needs to restore your Honda Civic Transmission to factory specifications and peak performance. Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex just a short drive for our friends in Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, Texas.

Honda Civic Transmission

The Honda Civic Transmission is a feat of modern engineering responsible for transferring power generated by the engine into each drive wheel in response to the driver pushing on the gas pedal. While the engine produces power, it is not able to distribute the torque variably with different gears and speeds. The transmission is the critical car component that gets the job done with many moving parts including clutch discs, pressure plates, torque converter, bearings, filter, flywheel, sensors, seals, gaskets, and fluid. At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, the Honda Civic Transmission Service will restore your transmission to factory specifications and peak performance.


What are the Signs of a Transmission Problem?


Transmission failure means your vehicle won’t move. More often than not, the transmission will have a component with wear and tear losing its ability to function correctly, that left unattended, will only get worse. As the part wears out and loses integrity, there will be symptoms of a problem that emerge in transmission performance with some unusual noises in most cases. Here is a list of the most common warning signs that you have a transmission problem:

  • Shaking or grinding in the transmission gears
  • Noises: clunking, humming, or whining while in neutral
  • Gears slip in or out
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Burning smell
  • Check engine light is on

Ignoring a faulty transmission will eventually lead to transmission failure. Prevent a transmission failure with a Honda Civic Transmission Service at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills. If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms of a transmission problem, fixing the issue is convenient, hassle-free, and price-effective at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills. We treat every Honda Civic like it’s our own, and our factory trained Honda certified technicians know your Honda Civic inside and out.

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