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Engine Timing & the Timing Belt 101

Every newer model Honda CR-V has an engine with a timing belt that orchestrates the position and timing of the internal moving parts. Engine timing is a precision operation with each moving part needing to be in the proper place with each combustion stroke. Not only do all of the various moving engine parts need to be in the perfect position, but they also need to be in the perfect position relative to each other. When the valves open or close, the engine’s performance requires that the piston is in the perfect location as well as the opening and closing of the fuel injectors. What all seems orchestrated perfectly for a smooth-firing engine can all be traced back to the condition and performance of the Engine Timing Belt.


Signs of a Timing Belt that needs Replacement

  • Engine ticking noise
  • Engine does not start
  • Engine misfire (with trouble code possible)
  • Oil leaking toward at the front of the engine

Should I Replace the Water Pump?

At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, we encourage all of our loyal customers to have the water pump replaced during Honda CR-V Timing Belt Replacement Service. We make this recommendation with long-term efficiency and reduced operating costs in mind for our customers. That’s because the costs associated with accessing the water pump during Timing Belt Replacement is negligible compared to the labor costs associated with accessing the hard-to-reach engine area once again. Since we already know that the average water pump fails at the same time as the average Timing Belt, it just makes good sense also to replace the water pump if a skilled technician is already working in that area.

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