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The Honda CR-V Transmission

The Honda CR-V Transmission system does what the Honda engine cannot – it takes on engine power and distributes variable torque into each wheel location as needed to navigate ever-changing terrain alongside driver’s input at the gas pedal. When you push the fuel pedal, the engine responds by producing more power, and the transmission responds by sending the precise amount of torque into each drive wheel as needed to travel at the desired speed on the given terrain. When a Honda CR-V Transmission is at peak performance, you get the rewards of efficient transmission system operation.


Benefits of Honda CR-V Transmission Service


Here are the benefits that you can expect to receive with every Honda CR-V Transmission Service:

  • Smooth shifting
  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reliable performance for thousands of more miles

What’s Included in Honda CR-V Transmission Service?


At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, the Honda CR-V Transmission Service features a foundational maintenance service core and flexible repair options that stem from the inspection results. Regardless of what your Honda CR-V’s Transmission needs to restore peak performance at factory specifications, it will be provided when you schedule Honda CR-V Transmission Service. The core maintenance action that we execute during Transmission Service for a Honda CR-V is a transmission fluid exchange at every 60,000-mile interval. A 40,000- to 60,000-mile interval is the maintenance schedule for Transmission Service on every Honda CR-V. Although manual and automatic transmissions require service at approximately the same maintenance schedule, the service is different depending upon your Honda CR-V’s unique needs. If you have an automatic transmission, the CVT fluid requires attention; however, if your Honda CR-V has a manual transmission, the transmission fluid will be exchanged as well as an inspection of clutch condition and performance. The transmission inspection will guide what to do next contingent upon the physical condition of the internal gears, rings, clutch, and pinion. If any internal transmission components have signs of risky wear & tear, you will be given the opportunity to repair those components as necessary to restore your transmission to peak performance and reliability for thousands of more miles to come.

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