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Serpentine Belts & the Accessory Drive System

Your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV relies on its serpentine belt to run. The serpentine belt transfers force from the combustion chamber through a series of pullies to run the various vehicle accessories such as the alternator, crankshaft, water pump, air compressor, and the power steering pump. All of these components make up the Accessory Drive System. At the heart of the Accessory Drive System is a serpentine belt that winds through all the pulleys. Without a serpentine belt, your Honda vehicle would not run at all.


Although all parts of the accessory drive system will wear out over time, the serpentine belt is the only component linked to the performance of each component as well as the entire system. Honda publishes a serpentine belt service interval that helps drivers know when the serpentine belt needs to be inspected and/or replaced. Serpentine belts show signs of wearing out that can be seen by the naked eye.

Honda Serpentine Belt


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Signs of an Old, Worn Out Serpentine Belt


It is possible for anyone to look at the serpentine belt to see if it needs to be replaced. However, we always recommend having a serpentine belt inspection by a Honda certified technician because they are experts and can remove any uncertainties that you might have with doing the inspection yourself.


  • Cracking
  • Fraying
  • Glazing

Serpentine Belt: Not a DIY Service


We never recommend do-it-yourself service when it comes to the Serpentine Belt. Don’t risk getting stranded with a broken Serpentine Belt when we have a team of Honda certified technicians ready to perform an inspection and replacement as needed.

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One of the best value-added features of Honda Serpentine Belt Service is the Multi-Point Inspection of the Accessory Drive Belt System. This part of the service regularly helps our customers identify minor problems before they become major repairs that are more expensive. Schedule Honda Serpentine Belt Replacement Service at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills to have one of our Honda certified technicians provide you with Serpentine Belt Service.

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