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There is no ride like that of a new vehicle. Easy acceleration, smooth stopping. Maybe after a couple years or so you start to notice that the ride isn’t as easy going as it used to be. By around 50,000 miles, your shocks and/or struts have likely provided you with all the help they can.


Shocks and struts provide the same basic function of keeping your ride smooth and stopping the oscillation and bounce. However, these are entirely different parts and one cannot be used to replace the other. Every vehicle has been designed specifically for a shock or a strut, which is why it is imperative to consult with your local Honda store for the appropriate part before heading into any maintenance.


Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is the preferred store for Honda drivers in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Our certified team of professionals uses only genuine OEM parts, which means you know you’re getting the highest quality part, specifically made for your model and built to last.


Unlike aftermarket parts, which are often cheaper but not at all near the same quality, OEM parts are easier to choose, come with a warranty and directly from the manufacturer.


For parts as essential to your vehicle’s performance as shocks and struts, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in the best possible part for the longevity of your Honda.


The strut plays a crucial role in the vehicle’s steering system and alignment, it also is a structural part of the suspension system – all things the shock is not responsible for. When getting your strut replaced, an alignment is always needed because of its role with the steering system.


The shock, on the other hand, has one essential job which is to absorb the shock of the road while your vehicle is being driven. It creates incredibly that smooth ride you may recall enjoying when first purchasing your vehicle.


At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, our certified technicians are always kept up to date on the latest parts and model needs. Being a certified Honda store, we can diagnose the issue faster than most and provide you with the genuine OEM part you need, to ensure a peace of mind in the quality and safety of the repair. Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is happy to serve customers in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

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