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Honda Insight Timing Belt Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Your Honda Insight engine operates with the assistance of a timing belt. A timing belt is designed to assist the engine’s intake with the assistance of the crankshaft. Without a timing belt for these engines, they can quickly malfunction. Over time, the timing belt wears from being used consistently and needs to be replaced.

During a timing belt replacement service, a certified technician will disconnect the battery and let the engine cool. Once it has cooled, they will remove the worn timing belt and will replace it with a new belt. They will test the engine and the timing belt to ensure that it is operating properly before returning it to you.

Inspecting, Repairing or Replacing Your Timing Belt

This should be done every 60,000 to 90,0000 miles to ensure that your engine continues to operate properly. The timing belt is working when the engine is powered on, and your engine depends on this part. If you notice that your engine is operating roughly or you notice a large clanking noise, it is time to bring the Honda Insight into the service center.

The Downfalls of Ignoring Your Honda Insight’s Timing Belt

If it is past the 90,000 recommended miles to have your timing belt replaced and you choose not to, then you will soon begin noticing issues with your engine. As the timing belt wears, it cannot properly function and the engine will begin to idle rough when on and make noises alerting you to the problem.

Insight Services from Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills

The next time your Honda Insights needs a new timing belt, oil change, new tires, or battery, Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills can help. Our certified technicians and premium parts will have your Insight back on the road in no time! As stated before your timing belt should be inspected and/or replaced between 60,000-90,000 miles. Also at this mileage, you should replace your engine and cabin air filters. So, coming in during this time would wise – save some money by combining costs.

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