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Honda wheel bearing replacement service.

Your wheels are an integral part of your car and without them, it would be a glorified frame that did not drive. Often times, your car needs a little TLC and the wheel bearings in your wheels are a part that many people forget about and that does need to be changed out ever so often.

What is a Wheel Bearing?

Your wheel bearings work inside the hub assembly of your wheels to help create a friction-free movement that then allows the wheels and tires to spin freely and smoothly. These bearings are rings that are full of smooth balls that allow the wheel and tire to rotate and move without friction and without surfaces inside the hub assembly rubbing together slowing the wheel down. Your wheel bearings may not need to be replaced through the entire time that you own your car, or they may go out soon after purchase.


The life of your wheel bearings really does depend on the bearing itself and how much the car is driven. If you are having trouble with the responsiveness of your wheels or you are having trouble with the wheels of your car moving, you may need new wheel bearings. A replacement service entails the hub assembly being taken apart and then the bearings are replaced.

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Why Should I Have a Honda Wheel Bearing Replacement Service?


This service helps your tires and wheels to spin and turn freely. If you notice that your wheels are not spinning as freely as they should be or that you hear grinding noises when you speed up, your bearings may be going out. Replacement of your wheel bearings will help reduce friction inside the hub assembly and will help your car go the speed that you want it to and need it to without there being unnecessary grinding inside the wheel.


What Happens if I Delay this Service?


Delaying this service can cause grinding, terrible noises when you drive, and your car not going as fast as you want it to. This can also cause damage to the inner workings of your hub and your wheel which may mean that you have a larger repair bill when you do finally get your car worked on. Replacing wheel bearings is not that difficult. With a licensed and experienced mechanic, we can greatly improve the overall function of your car.


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