2020 Honda Civic Oil Change

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2020 Honda Civic Oil Change

Your 2020 Honda Civic Will Run Better with Regular Oil Changes

2020 Honda Civics are no different than any other car when it comes to oil changes. Engine oil keeps all the engine moving parts meshing and working properly without grinding against each other and causing serious damage. However, over time, the engine does create a bit of metal and carbon waste. The engine oil washes all that out into a reservoir and gets blocked from going back by the engine oil filter. However, eventually, the oil needs to be changed. Given how little the cost is for an oil change, it should be done religiously. And an engine lubrication change costs almost nothing while lots of other benefits are gained beyond just the new oil.

The Benefits of Routine Oil Changes for your 2020 Honda Civic

In addition to just getting an oil change, the regular service also gives you a chance to have Honda experts look at your vehicle and confirm that no new issues are cropping up that could turn into serious repair headaches down the road. This isn’t such a big worry during your warranty period, but afterward, it can matter a lot more. Again, preventative maintenance is almost always going to be a lot cheaper with any car or truck than trying to damage control after the fact. Other maintenance can be combined in the same visit to ensure your vehicle is running right. That can include windshield wipers, tires, filters, and similar. One visit to knockout multiple maintenance needs makes a lot of sense and saves you time.

Endless Oil Change Benefits

Other benefits include being able to change out your oil change for even better performance. As your car gets older, high mileage oil can help it run better. Alternatively, you could have your Honda Civic run on synthetic oil instead. Doing so has proven to be a big bonus for protecting an older vehicle, and synthetic oil tends to hold up better in hot climates and harsher driving than regular mineral oil does. Our Honda technician team can help you with both, which is a plus because a switchover requires a full draining and replacement versus just adding in the new stuff. 

Quality 2020 Honda Civic Maintenance Service and Our Amenities

Our service team at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills in Fort Worth, TX, can take care of all your prevention needs and oil change scheduling for all vehicle types. We provide regular car maintenance for Honda owners from all over, including Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, TX as well. Not only do we give you high-quality care treatment with every visit, but our customer waiting area is also fully stocked with amenities and comfortable sitting areas. We have Wi-Fi, snacks, a large screen TV for entertainment, and plenty of sockets for charging your mobile devices as well. So, when you want to schedule your next oil change for your Honda Civic, give Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills a call for an appointment or swing by as a drop-in. We’ll get your car taken care of and get you back on the road with a long vehicle life ahead.

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