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Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills provides exceptional service at affordable prices. We serve Ft. Worth, TX drivers and those in Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, TX. We also service all Honda makes and models such as the Honda Fit, Honda Insight, and Honda Passport to make sure you aren’t left without service. When your car is needing to be serviced, trust our team to perform an excellent job on it. We provide all transmission services. Your car will give you some signs that your transmission needs to be worked on. One of the first signs is that the car will make noises, vibrations, or seem off. This can include hesitation in starting from a stop with whining sounds. Another sign is a lack of acceleration or slowness while you are driving it. There also might be sudden fluctuations in speed. If you’re experiencing differences while shifting, this can be because of a transmission system issue.

Transmission Fluid Flush

If you hear noises such as loud clunks when you are shifting this can mean that the transmission needs work. If it’s difficult to get into gears, or you can’t get into certain gears, this means that the transmission needs to be worked on. Another sign is if the transmission is giving off extreme heat. Transmission system fluids are factory recommended to be flushed about once every 100,000 miles. If there are particles or debris in the fluid, this means that it needs to be changed. Another sign the fluid should be changed is if it is darker in color.

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Our team can also replace your transmission if you need that service. They will remove the transmission, clean it, and replace the worn-out parts. This includes clutch plates and bands, seals, gaskets, and solenoids. We can do this for you, as it is a time-intensive process that requires special tools. Trust our team with the important job of replacing your car’s transmission. Our friendly and knowledgable staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. While you’re waiting for your car to be maintained, you can use one of our loaner vehicles so you can stay on top of your errands and get where you need to go. After your service, we will wash your car if you would like it to be sparkling clean.


Our service center has WiFi, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Kids can play in our kids’ zone. We also have early drop off or late pick up to work around your schedule. You can watch our satellite TV or read magazines or newspapers. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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