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Maintaining your vehicle’s tires is an important step for safety as well as performance. Over time tires wear down and lose alignment. Many benefits to having this corrected include improved performance, a safer driving experience, and increased life of your tires. It is advised to get this service done according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule or at the first signs of misalignment.

State of the Art Service Center and More

At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, we offer a state-of-the-art service department that can handle any repair or maintenance your Honda vehicle might need. We offer tire inspections to ensure you need a tire service. Then our expert auto techs will diagnose and adjust camber, caster, and toe angles of your wheels. The tires will be checked for wear and inflated to the appropriate pressure. Depending on the type of vehicle you own a two-wheel alignment or four-wheel alignment may be needed. You can rest assured that your Honda vehicle is in good hands.

Why Should I Get My Tires Serviced?

When the wheels are properly aligned a safer and more comfortable driving experience can be expected. A simple check-up and tire service can save you from expensive repairs if alignment or tire issues are left unchecked. No one wants a poorly running vehicle. This is why it is best to not ignore any kind of issues your tires may be having. Scheduling a tire service with trained and experienced mechanics is advised.

Consequences of Missed Tire Service

Eventually, a vehicle may become inoperable if tires are left unchecked. Tread will wear down which can cause flats. Flats can be patched and tires replaced if damaged. Wheel alignment can lead to other problems that could be costly. It is advised to have tire inspections when the tread is low and alignments according to vehicle manufactures recommendations or when noises and pulling are noticed.

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Drop-in or give us a call to schedule your next service. Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills looks forward to doing business with you and providing great customer service for all your Honda vehicle needs. We also proudly serve Hurst, Bedford, and Saginaw, TX. Our friendly factory-trained mechanics can perform tire rotation, tire balancing, and replacement of old tires that are worn or damaged. We have tires for sale near Euless as well. Also while you are here we offer a complimentary car wash with each service. Speak with one of our customer service reps to schedule an appointment today.

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