Honda Fuel & Air Induction Service

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Honda Fuel and Air Induction Service

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If your emissions warning light is on or if you have any of the signs that you have an emissions system problem, then today is the perfect time to get that fixed at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll get you set up for service with one of our expert certified technicians that know your vehicle inside and out.


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What is Fuel & Air Induction Service?

The entire goal of Honda Fuel & Air Induction Service is to clean the intake valves from carbon so that the air flow into the combustion chamber is efficient. The outcome that Honda owners seek in getting a routine Honda Fuel & Air Induction Service is the smoothest ride possible with the best fuel mileage. Part of the service is making sure that the throttle body is clean, which increases the airflow into the engine and will reduce any rough idle issues or hesitation when taking off.


Signs that you need a Honda Fuel & Air Induction Service

At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, we only recommend fuel and air induction service if it is really needed. If upon inspecting your vehicle, there are obvious signs of clogged fuel injectors, then a Honda Fuel & Air Induction Service will be needed. Here are the signs that a certified technician will look for in recommending a Fuel & Air Induction Service for your vehicle:


  • Stalling
  • Rough idle
  • Poor acceleration
  • High emissions
  • Clogged fuel injectors
  • Carbon build up on the throttle body


Carbon Build Up & Fuel & Air Induction Service

Carbon buildup on the throttle body is the telltale sign that the service will benefit your vehicle. If left unaddressed, a filthy throttle body will restrict the airflow to the point that your engine will be strangled from the air it needs to run properly. One of the most convenient ways to know that your engine is getting the best air-fuel blend is to have a regular Honda Fuel & Air Induction Service.  

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