Honda Head Gasket Leaks, Repair & Replacement

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Honda Head Gasket Leaks, Repair & Replacement

Huggins Honda Genuine Head Gasket Leaks, Repair & Replacement

Your car’s engine needs to maintain oil and pressure to run properly. Doing so requires a good fit between the engine block and the heads that contain the pistons and rods that provide the power to move you down the road. The head gaskets provide a seal between the engine block and heads, which ensures proper lubrication and an air-tight seal. Over time, driving conditions can cause changes that affect how well the head gasket provides a seal between the block and heads. That is especially true during long, hot summer drives on the great Texas roadways when the heat generated can affect the seal.

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What the Head Gasket Leaks, Repair & Replacement Service Does

When performing a head gasket inspection, the skilled mechanics at Huggins Honda service center will perform a diagnostic check for compression loss and potential oil leaks. If any are located, they determine the cause and repair it. With a head gasket, the cause might simply be a worn gasket that needs replacement. That often happens in older vehicles. Dry, hot air, combined with heat changing the actual shape of the heads, often will turn good gaskets into bad ones on older cars. On newer cars, faulty gaskets often occur soon after some sort of engine work was done.


Why Do You Need to Do Head Gasket Leaks, Repair & Replacement Service?

If your head gasket is worn and leaking oil, you have an improper fit that enables dirt and other contaminants to enter the engine block. You also have reduced compression in the heads, and less power generated by the engine. In worst-case scenarios, you wind up with engine damage that might require you to replace your vehicle. Often times, experienced mechanics can locate problem gaskets and replace them with new ones that will provide a good seal and prevent oil and air leaks. That ensures the best power and gas mileage while helping to prevent costly engine breakdowns.

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Huggins Honda in Fort Worth, TX, has a very friendly staff of highly experienced mechanics available to perform head gasket service on any make or model vehicle. The job generally takes an hour or so, this means we can pair it with other services like Alternator Inspection & Charging System Service. Those who live in the nearby communities of Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, TX, can use Huggins Honda’s loaner car and complimentary shuttle service. That helps you to continue your busy day. Huggins Honda also has an early drop-off and late pickup option to fit anyone’s busy schedule.


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