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Two of the most important vehicle provisions and safety maintenance items are engine oil and tires. Engine oil keeps your engine lubricated and cool while your tires provide you with the best handling and passenger safety. The objective of the Honda A1 Service is to make sure that the two most important vehicle performance factors are monitored and operating at peak performance.

What does “A1” stand for?

The A1 service code means that it is now time to replace the engine oil, rotate tires, check tire pressure, and inspect tire condition. A1 service is a comprehensive maintenance action that targets oil and tires to ensure peak vehicle performance. The “A” stands for the oil and filter change and the “1” stands for tire rotation. One of the best ways to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ is with Honda A1 Service.

How can I tell if I need Honda A1 Service?

The “A1” is a Maintenance Minder code for engine oil and tire service. If you have an A1 code lit on the driver’s display, it is time to schedule Honda A1 Service. Also, it’s important to consider if you have uneven tire wear or if your engine oil is getting dark. If so, it is likely time to schedule Honda A1 service regardless of what the Maintenance Minder displays. This is because harsh driving conditions such as hauling heavy loads are not detected by the Maintenance Minder system. It is possible that many drivers can benefit from Honda A1 Service before the warning light illuminates.

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If your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV is due for A1 service, it is time to schedule an appointment at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills to receive Honda A1 Service. Every Honda A1 service includes oil and filter replacement, tire rotation, air pressure check, and tire inspection.

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