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As you can see, Huggins Honda’s Honda Approved Tire Center offers everything you need for maintaining a good set of Honda Accord Tires. Honda Accord Approved Tire Center Services can assist you with anything you might need in order to keep a healthy set of tires. Huggins Honda is in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex just a short drive for our friends in Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, Texas.

Honda Accord Tires

Tires are important when you consider them being the only point where your Honda Accord touches the road. At Huggins Honda, we like the old saying: “everything is riding on your tires.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also stated about tires: “Your safety and your life are riding on them.” We are so serious about your Honda Accord tires, getting you the smoothest ride possible, and maximizing passenger safety that we now offer a Honda Accord Approved Tire Center.


Honda Accord Approved Tire Center Services


At Huggins Honda, we take pride in offering certified Honda Tire Services including sales, inspection, balancing, rotation, alignment, and inflation checks. Just in case you are in the market for a tire or an entire set for your Honda Accord, here is a list of the primary services offered at the Honda Accord Approved Tire Center:

  • Sales – we offer an expansive inventory of the most popular Honda-approved tire brands rigorously tested for fit and performance on your Honda Accord. No matter if you need all-season, low profile, or performance tires for your Honda Accord, we carry a large inventory of tire options ready to meet your expectations
  • Inspection – an evaluation of tire health including tread wear and tread depth check
  • Rotation – tires are moved to a different wheel location to promote even tread wear
  • Balancing – the wheel-tire assembly is put on a computerized wheel balancer to ensure even weight distribution
  • Alignment – wheel angles are checked and reset to factory specifications to promote even tread wear and maximum tire life
  • Inflation – tires need to have proper air pressure but tend to lose air over time; this service checks the pressure and inflates the tire back to factory specifications

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