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If you live in Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, or Saginaw, we already know that you’ve been driving around all summer in a dusty environment. One of the best ways to promote the best air quality for you and your passengers is with an annual Honda Air Duct Cleaning Service at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills. Relax in the customer lounge and enjoy a beverage while one of our certified technicians cleans your dirty air ducts.

Your Air Ducts get Dirty

Your vehicle’s ventilation system directs the flow of air-conditioned and heated air into the cabin. Although your ventilation system is equipped with a cabin air filter, it is not able to capture every particulate that enters your air ducts. Over time, the smaller debris and microorganisms make it through the cabin air filter and start to accumulate in your air ducts. Often times when this happens you’ll start to notice a bad smell coming out of your ventilation system.


How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Dirty air ducts in your vehicle can create an unpleasant driving experience. Even if you have recently changed the cabin air filter, the entire ventilation system has been collecting airborne contaminants that made it through the filter. This is especially true as the cabin air filter becomes clogged with debris over time. If you have these signs then your vehicle can benefit from a Honda Air Duct Cleaning Service:


  1. Foul smell – you notice a dirty or musty odor coming out of the vents
  2. Driving in poor air quality – you drive in environments with higher levels of dust, pollen, or pollution.

Air Quality

Clean air ducts will help keep allergens, pollutants, and airborne particulates from entering your vehicle’s cabin. The greatest value of Honda Air Duct Cleaning Service is giving you the highest quality air for you and your passengers. Air quality is especially important for people with allergies because a dirty ventilation system can cause unfavorable respiratory distress. If you want to get the cleanest air possible while you drive, one of the easiest ways to do that is with an annual Honda Air Duct Cleaning Service.

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