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Genuine OEM Honda Brake Pads

When it comes to the upkeep of your Honda, it’s pivotal that you replace your brake pads in a timely fashion. Doing so will keep you safer on the road, and prevent you from having more costly repairs later on.


To truly understand how important regular brake pad replacement is, it helps to understand exactly what purpose they serve.


What Your Brake Pads Do

In vehicles with disc brakes, each wheel is attached to a brake rotor that spins with it. The brake caliper is a device that squeezes the spinning rotor when the brake is pressed, causing them to slow. This obviously creates a lot of friction. So the brake pads service as a buffer between the caliper pistons and the rotors.


What Happens If Your Brake Pads Fail

  • Damaged Rotors – Your brake pads protect your rotors. They help distribute heat produced by friction. So if you wait too long to replace your brake pads, this heat won’t disperse correctly.  Additionally, if brake pads are allowed to wear too thin, the metal clamps they’re attached to can grind against the rotor, causing it to warp or break. These problems can cause your whole braking system to overheat and ultimately fail.
  • Damaged Brake Calipers – When things get really bad, the calipers (the metal plates that hold the brake pads and press them against the rotor) can be damaged or broken. This happens when brake pads deteriorate to the point where the calipers are grinding directly against the rotor. Both the calipers and rotors can be destroyed in this scenario. This puts you in danger on the road, as your brakes can fail. Additionally, the repairs for this will be far more costly than simply replacing your brake pads in time.


As a general rule, brake pads need to be replaced every 20,000 – 60,000 miles. You can consult your Honda owner’s manual to see the exact recommended mileage point for your vehicle’s model.


If you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to replace your brake pads, there are some signs to be on the lookout for.


7 Signs You Need To Replace Your Brake Pads

  1. The Brake Pedal is Pulsating
  2. The Brakes Make a Clicking Noise
  3. The Brake Pads Appear Too Thin
  4. The Brakes Make a Screeching Sound
  5. The Brakes Make a Grinding Sound
  6. There are Deep Grooves in the Rotor
  7. The Car is Pulling to One Side or the Other


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