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Tire Installation includes Balancing at Huggins Honda


If you need new tires for your Honda CR-V, Huggins Honda invites you to visit the Honda CR-V Approved Tire Center to get the tires perfect for you and your Honda CR-V. Once selected, we are also prepared to install any new tires purchased at the Honda CR-V Approved Tire Center restoring your Honda CR-V’s tires to peak performance including Tire Balance service.

How can I tell if I need new tires for my Honda CR-V?

At Huggins Honda, we think one of the greatest automotive travesties is installing generic tires on a world-class vehicle. Generic tire options are poor because they offer no warranties, questionable performance, and unreliable safety. Although there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few bucks, it’s never a good idea to compromise driving comfort and safety. The best way to know if you have tire wear and tear that is a safety risk is with an inspection from a trained technician; however, we also recommend that our customers monitor their tires’ condition looking for any of these signs of tire defects that warrant tire replacement:

  • Uneven tire tread wear
  • Overly rapid tire tread wear
  • Shaking or vibration while driving at speed
  • Tire requires additional air (slow leak)
  • Tire is flat or will not hold air at all

Find the Right Tires for your Honda CR-V

Once you’ve determined that your Honda CR-V needs a new tire or four, the next step is to find the perfect tire for you. At Huggins Honda, we have an extensive inventory of every major tire brand in all styles and sizes meticulously crafted for fit and performance on your Honda CR-V. At Huggins Honda, we know from talking to our loyal CR-V-driving customers that they chose a Honda CR-V because they wanted a stylish look, reliable powertrain performance, and luxurious accessories. Why consider fitting your CR-V with generic aftermarket tires manufactured by a mystery brand headquartered somewhere overseas when the best selection of tires tried & tested for fit and performance on your exact vehicle is right here waiting on you at Huggins Honda in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex? It is illogical to outfit a Honda CR-V explicitly chosen for its style, reliability, and luxury performance with cheap knockoff tires.

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