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Like a lot of the important components of your Honda, the differentials aren’t something you need to worry about on a daily basis. However, just as with engine and transmission lubricants/oils, the differential needs its lubricant drained and replaced routinely. This routine maintenance of your differentials will save you cost and headache for the long haul. Your Honda’s differentials power the turns of your wheels and in rear wheel drive Honda’s the differential is located in the dead center of the axis and you can see the bulge. Front wheel drive Honda’s differential functions are performed by the vehicle’s transaxle, while All-Wheel drive Honda’s have differentials on both the front and back axles.


The main function of the differentials to your Honda is that they manage the speed and power of the wheels through turns. The inside of your wheel needs to turn at a slower speed to the outside of your wheel so that you have a smooth and controlled turn, your differentials handle that.


If you notice an unusual noise coming from your axle you will want to get it checked out asap. Differentials do eventually wear out and if that is the case, it could cause the Honda to freeze up – leaving you without the ability to control the car. In the process, it would damage the driveshaft, axle, and transmission.


Come into Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills Service Department in the Fort Worth area, where one of our Certified Technicians can inspect your differentials, let you know what rate the fluid needs to be replaced, and will top off the fluid.

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