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Your SUV’s Engine Timing Belt

One of the smaller but more critical parts of your Honda HR-V engine is the timing belt. This belt serves to maintain the opening and closing of the engine’s intake. It is instrumental in a variety of functions for your Honda. Between 60,000 and 90,000 miles, your Honda HR-V timing belt will need to be replaced. The earlier you bring it in, the better it is for your engine and exhaust performance. During this service, A certified technician will remove the worn timing belt and replace it with a premium timing belt.

Why Your Timing Belt Needs Replacing

You should have this service done as soon as you see your Honda reach the 60,000-mile marker on your odometer. As this belt begins to wear, it can cause rough engine operation, which will make idling rough and driving your Honda uncomfortable. The sooner you have it done, the better it is for the engine so that it does not suffer damage from the rough idling and can continue to perform at peak performance.

Delaying Service

If you choose to not have the timing belt replaced in a timely manner, you will find your Honda HR-V to experience poor idling while driving. Your engine will begin to idle much rougher as the belt wears thinner, potentially causing damage to other parts near the engine such as the radiator and the fuel injection system that can be compromised due to the foreign movement. The timing belt has been known to snap in the middle of operating a car, causing the car to stop immediately and shut off. This can be dangerous if you are in traffic when the belt decides to break.

Why Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is the place to bring your HR-V

Serving Texas Honda citizens in the cities of Fort Worth TX, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and Saginaw, TX, Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills has a service department equipped with certified technicians for your servicing needs. Since the Honda HR-V timing belt replacement service can be changed while waiting, we invite our customers to enjoy our customer lounge, filled with snacks, beverages, and coffee to keep you comfortable while waiting. Bring the kids and take advantage of the kid zone available. If you would like to drop off your Honda, we will offer loaner vehicles for those unable to stay for service. Contact our service department today to schedule your Honda for a timing belt inspection and/or replacement service.


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