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What is Honda Odyssey timing belt replacement?

Your Honda car or SUV might seem ordinary on the surface. But underneath the bodywork is a highly complex driving machine with thousands of moving parts. It is especially important, in the workings of the engine, that these moving parts function in proper time with one another.


It is the job of your timing belt to keep the rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft in sync. When your timing belt has the right amount of tension and is in good condition, it keeps these two components in sync, allowing for the engine’s valves to open and close at the right time.


Your Honda Odyssey should have a timing belt replacement every 60,000 to 90,000 miles.

Why Your Engine Timing Belt Needs Replacing

When your timing belt starts to wear out, a number of symptoms will begin to emerge. You may hear a ticking noise from the engine. This is not the same as the ticking that you hear when your vehicle goes through dramatic temperature changes, and you’ll notice that the timing of the sound is different.


Other signs include engine misfires, oil leaking from the front of the engine, and failure of the engine to turn over.

Risks of Not Replacing Your Timing Belt

A lot of folks, especially amateur mechanics, will adjust the timing instead of replacing the belt. Sometimes the timing does need to be adjusted. But if the belt needs to be replaced, doing timing adjustments instead runs the risk of timing belt breakage. If your timing belt breaks during operation, it will cause the car to suddenly lose power. This can be dangerous on the road, as power steering and acceleration suddenly go offline. This can also do damage to your engine.

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