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Honda Pilot Timing Belt Service 101

The Honda Pilot Timing Belt has a maintenance schedule of every 105,000 miles or at seven years, whichever arrives first. Although the Timing Belt might last for more miles, Honda has determined through years of experience that the costs associated with Timing Belt Replacement are negligible compared to the expenses related to damages resulting from a Timing Belt failure while the engine is running. At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, we know that the cost of following the recommended maintenance schedule for Honda Pilot Timing Belt Replacement is an investment toward preventing higher operating costs related to engine damage. If your Honda Pilot is closing in on the 105,000-mile interval or is close to 7 years old, it will always be the safest bet to get the service schedule before the interval arrives with an increased risk of failure. Beyond adherence to the recommended maintenance interval, it is also an excellent idea to monitor for any warning signs of a Timing Belt defect. By following the recommended maintenance interval while monitoring the Timing Belt’s condition and performance, you can almost guarantee that your Honda Pilot will never fall victim to a broken Timing Belt.


Warning Signs of a Timing Belt Defect


  • Ticking noise during engine operation
  • Engine will not start
  • Engine misfire condition
  • Oil leaking

Is Water Pump Replacement Included in the Honda Pilot Timing Belt Replacement Service?


At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, when we discuss Timing Belt Replacement Service, we always have to address the water pump issue. An industry rule-of-thumb is water pump replacement at the same time as the Engine Timing Belt. When you have the water pump replaced with the timing belt, the labor cost of accessing this area is shared. At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, we change the water pump with every Honda Pilot Timing Belt Replacement because it is a proven way to save on long-term maintenance costs. There’s nothing worse than having to pay for water pump replacement service a couple of weeks after you paid for a Timing Belt Replacement Service. Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is conveniently located in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area near Hurst, Saginaw, Bedford, and Euless, Texas.

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