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If you have any of the signs of a faulty cooling system, you will benefit from scheduling a Honda Radiator Service. Honda Radiator Service is one of the easiest ways to make sure your engine is running cool. Schedule an appointment today at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills to have one of our expert certified technicians restore your radiator and coolant fluid back to factory specifications.

Automobile Radiators

If you’ve owned your Honda vehicle for a long period of time, you might have witnessed the temperature gauge inch upward toward the red zone. This is a warning sign that your vehicle’s engine temperature is getting hotter than usual. When this happens, it signals that a component of your cooling system is now functioning properly. It is likely that the problem will be the radiator, hose, radiator cap, or thermostat. If this problem is ignored, the intense friction and extreme heat can cause serious damages. One of the best ways to prevent such an unfortunate outcome is with a routine Honda Radiator Service.


Signs that I could use a Honda Radiator Service


  • The temperature gauge is hotter than normal
  • Overheating is the most obvious sign
  • Radiator discoloration or rust accumulation
  • Low coolant level that needs topping off
  • Leaking coolant fluid


What is a Radiator Service?

Radiator Service begins when the job is assigned to one of our certified technicians that knows your vehicle better than anyone else. The coolant/antifreeze fluid is then drained and flushed to ensure that all of the contaminated fluid is removed. Genuine Honda approved coolant fluid is then added to factory specifications. The certified technician will then inspect every part on your vehicle’s cooling system to make sure it looks good and is performing its job properly. This means the heater core, hoses, thermostat, radiator, radiator cap, cooling fan, belt, and water pump are inspected to ensure that your cooling system is looking good.  

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