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Honda Starter Repair & Replacement Service in Fort Worth

When a vehicle fails to start, people often assume it is due to a dead battery. Though that is occasionally the case, at other times the starter is the issue. Drivers in Fort Worth and surrounding areas trust and prefer the certified team of professionals at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills for critical repairs such as these.


How often do you think about your ignition? Likely not too often until you try to turn it and nothing happens. Even more than that, the starter is the electrical part that redirects power from the battery to the starter, thus allowing your vehicle to turn on and operate.


How to know when your starter is in trouble? When the starter drive gear is not engaging properly due to wear and tear, the results are typically a grinding sound. This sound is similar to starting your vehicle, then trying to start it again while it is already on. Freewheeling is another sound and indication that your starter will likely need to be replaced. This occurs when you start the engine, ready to go but only hear a type of whining noise coming from it. The starter can be found on the bottom of the engine and is susceptible to leaks due to that location. If your starter becomes soaked in oil, tend to it right away as its lifespan has just been dramatically decreased. Lastly, if you ever see smoke coming from your vehicle, that is always a cause for immediate concern. When you notice smoke while starting your car, it indicates that there may be a few problems with the starter or starter circuit – meaning there is a connection problem.


Our certified technicians at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills work with all Honda models, allowing them to be efficient at accurately diagnosing your Honda. We work with only genuine Honda parts to ensure the highest quality and long lasting repairs are made. Our parts are priced at low prices that best fit our customer’s budgets and we even have flexible hours and drop off times to accommodate everyone’s schedules.


Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is proud to provide outstanding customer service to those in Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless and surrounding areas. Schedule your starter inspection, repair or replacement service today online or by calling (855) 902-9103.

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