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Colder Weather & Your Tire Pressure

As colder days arrive in Texas after a sweltering summer, tire pressure can decrease severely and lead to underinflated tires. Driving with tires below the recommended air pressure can negatively impact your fuel economy, damage your suspension and internal systems, and reduce overall tire life. Most importantly, underinflated tires can increase the risk of getting into a serious accident. When you don’t check your tires regularly, there’s a higher chance that these dangerous situations may happen. So it’s always important to always make sure that your tires are at the proper air pressure.


Tire Pressure Light

Newer Honda models have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that lights up if there is a tire with the wrong pressure. If your Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems says that there is a tire inflation problem, bring your vehicle to Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills and one of our certified technicians will take care of it quickly and conveniently.


Value-Added Tire Inflation Check Service

Some of our customers like to handle tire inflation themselves but we are always ready to help. You don’t have to hassle yourself by checking your tire pressure and inflating them to factory specifications when Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills has a team of certified technicians ready to do it for you. One of the greatest benefits of a Honda Tire Inflation Check Service is that it gives a certified technician an opportunity to inspect your tires for uneven tread wear and depth check to make sure your vehicle is operating at factory specifications.

Schedule Honda Tire Inflation Check Service

If you want your tire inflation checked by an expert, stop in and get a Honda Tire Inflation Check Service at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills. We will have one of our expert certified Honda technicians check your tire inflation and inflate them back to factory specifications as needed.

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