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Honda Transfer Case

The transfer case is a special component that allows your vehicle to have four-wheel-drive. It is a complex part that has several components that help it work including gears and special transfer case fluid. Transfer case fluid removes heat and lubricates the internal parts inside the transfer case, helping to keep the internal gears cool and rotating smoothly. If a part of the transfer case starts to wear out, it must be serviced immediately if you want to avoid further damage to your vehicle. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of extending the life of your transfer case is with a regular Honda Transfer Case Service.


There are three basic signs that your transfer case could benefit from a Honda Transfer Case Service.

    1. The first sign that you should listen for is a grinding sound when you shift in or out of four-wheel-drive. The grinding noise is indicative of a faulty or broken component of the transfer case system.
    2. The second sign is the loss of four-wheel-drive. If the transfer case is totally busted, then you probably can’t even shift in or out of four-wheel-drive at all.
    3. The third sign is fluid leaking from the transfer case. If this happens, there will be fluid under your vehicle after being parked for a few hours.


Schedule a Honda Transfer Case Service at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills

If you have any of the signs that your transfer case is starting to wear down, then it’s time to schedule your next Honda Transfer Case Service. Schedule an appointment today at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills and we’ll assign one of our expert certified technicians to your vehicle. One of the best ways to promote the life of your four-wheel-drive vehicle is with a routine Honda Transfer Case Service.

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