Honda Intercooler & Turbo Duct Replacement

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Honda Intercooler Turbo Duct Replacement

How the Intercooler & Turbo Duct Work

Your supercharged car is a great thing, it can go fast and it looks great. That being said, there are certain aspects of a supercharged car like the intercooler that is necessary to keep it functioning properly.


Your intercooler works to take the air that is created by the supercharger and cool it and then to make it denser when it goes into the engine. It works with the supercharger in the engine to essentially create the supercharge that helps make your car go faster. The intercooler is necessary to make sure your car does not get too hot and therefore does not run properly.


The turbo duct is what supplies the intercooler with the air that it then cools and densifies. If you drive often and do use the supercharger, you are going to need to have these parts serviced regularly.

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Replacing Your Vehicle’s Intercooler & Turbo Duct

If your intercooler is not working properly the air in your engine is not going to be the right temperature or the right density which means you are not going to get the desired effect that you want. Maintenance and replacement of intercooler and the turbo duct are both parts of owning a supercharged car.


Replacement service going to help your car run better and smoother as well. Though an intercooler is not completely necessary and you can still run a supercharged car without one, it is going to improve performance if you have one.


You do have to have a turbo valve in order for your car to be supercharged but you do not necessarily have to have an intercooler. You should have both parts replaced or repaired as needed so that you can ensure your car is going to run as well as it can and that you can have peak performance.

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