Helping Your Car Last Over 200,000 Miles

Honda 200k miles

Cars are a big investment and the longer they last, the better. For many, a car lasts around 100k miles or a bit more. For others, a car can easily last over 200k miles and can still run great. Here are some tips to keep your car running longer.

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What Makes a Car Run for Over 200k Miles?

Making sure your car runs as long as it possibly can is a must. Your car may be running smoothly and going great but there are some things that you can do to help keep the future of your car bright and to help make sure it lasts.


The first is regular maintenance. While the make and model of your car does have something to do with how long it lasts, the way you treat it has a bigger effect. You want to make sure you get the oil changed, fluids changed, items replaced and repaired as needed, and that you take the time to get your car serviced as needed. This is going to help keep your car running longer.


Another thing to consider is how your car is treated. You should avoid driving too fast, running over things that could damage it, or driving in places that you know may damage your car.


A car that drives for 200,000 miles or more is going to be a car that lasts. If you are driving a fair bit every day you want a car that is going to be able to stand up to the daily driving and that you can use for years.


No one wants to buy a car then have to replace it the next year because it simply does not run the way you want it to. Taking care of a car is going to help you get the most out of it and save money. Proper maintenance and care is perhaps the biggest factor when it comes to your car running longer and doing what it needs to do.

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