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If you’re not clear on what the difference is between Honda OEM parts and Aftermarket parts, you’re far from alone. Many people confuse the two. It’s really quite simple if you remember that OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket refers to a manufacturer who came late to the party.


In other words, OEM parts are made by the manufacturer of the car, and not a third party, while an aftermarket manufacturer is a company that may be providing a similar part, but since it is not the manufacturer of the car, its parts are not identical to those installed on the car in the Honda assembly plant.

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When you have to use replacement parts, either as a result of normal wear and tear or because of an accident, you may be faced with choosing between OEM and aftermarket. The OEM parts, because they were made by the car manufacturer, fit the specifications of your particular make and model. An aftermarket part is often produced in high volume and made to fit the specifications of several types of vehicles rather than expressly for yours. And while it may be similar to the OEM part you need, it may not be a perfect fit.


As you may suspect, OEM parts cost more than aftermarket parts, which can be an attraction for some drivers. Also, if an insurance company is involved, in an effort at cutting costs, it may specify that while they will reimburse you for aftermarket replacements they will not do so for OEM parts. Just to be sure you should read the fine print of your policy or ask your insurance agent.

Choosing Honda OEM Parts

If you want OEM parts for your Honda, the surefire way is to bring your car to a Honda dealer like Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills in Fort Worth TX. If it doesn’t matter to you, a local repair shop may do a good job, but unless you specify, they most likely use aftermarket parts. So what’s the difference? Honda OEM parts come with benefits like;

  • Quality assurance: since it is identical to the part you are replacing, you can be sure it will work exactly like it.
  • Peace of mind: If you are a DIY owner, you will be certain that you have chosen the correct part for the job you are undertaking. In other words, you won’t have to worry about bringing back a Honda OEM part because you made the wrong choice, whereas that’s always the case if you buy an aftermarkets part at your local big box store.
  • The warranty: Honda Genuine Parts come with a one-year warranty when bought from a Honda dealer and installed by Honda technicians. The warranty also covers the labor.

If you choose Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, we can’t guarantee that you’ll find your wait pleasurable, but you can be sure we’ve given it our best effort. These are but a few of the reasons our customers give for journeying from locales like Bedford, Euless, Hurst, and Saginaw to our Fort Worth service center for genuine Honda service and genuine Honda OEM parts.

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