Honda Suspension Service – Control Arm & Brushing

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Honda Suspension Service - Control Arm & Brushing

What is a Honda Suspension Service – Control Arm & Brushing?

Your car has several different systems that work together to get you down the road, the suspension system is a vital part of your car that makes it possible to drive over different terrains and to make your ride more comfortable and easy to drive. Your suspension system is made up of a ton of different moving parts that all work together to make your drive more comfortable. The control arm and brushing are terms you may not have heard of or that you know little about. Control arm and brushings are important for comfort and handling while driving. A control arm bushing consists of an outer metal sleeve, a brushing that is durable and often made of rubber, and an inner metal sleeve. These brushings help to cushion the suspension and make your ride more comfortable, quieter, and less bumpy overall.

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Why Have a Honda Suspension Service – Control Arm & Brushing?

This service is primarily for comfort. With a good suspension system, you are not going to have to deal with as many bumps, with jarring, and with loud rides as well. This is going to mean a smoother and more comfortable ride overall for anyone that rides in your car and for you as the driver. This is a service that can be performed at any time during the life of your car like Tire Rotation & Proper Inflation and that can make driving more comfortable overall.


What Happens if I delay a Honda Suspension Service – Control Arm & Brushing?

There are a few different ways that you can tell if your brushings and control arm are going out. One is that your car might vibrate or shake when you are driving. Also, you may hear more noise or have a bit more or a jarring ride when you go over bumps and potholes. You may also notice that your drive is not as smooth as it once was, and you are overall, going to have a far less comfortable ride.

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Huggins Honda service center has a friendly and knowledgeable staff, a comfortable customer waiting area, shuttle service, a snack bar, television and more. They also offer loaner cars as needed, kids zone, early bird drop off and after hours drop off and pick up too.


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