The Maintenance-Free Myth

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What is the Maintenance Free Myth?

Each and every car needs both routine maintenance and occasionally, more major work. That being said, there is no such thing as a car that does not need maintenance of some sort to keep it running smoothly.


There are those out there that will claim there is such a thing as a maintenance-free car, that is not the truth in the slightest. Every car needs basic maintenance.


The maintenance-free myth is something that people claim in an effort to sell more cars. A car needs basic maintenance like having its oil changed, having the tires rotated and balanced, having your tires aligned, and even things like having your fluids flushed and changed. There is at the very least, a few different maintenance items that need to be considered.

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What happens if you do not schedule regular vehicle maintenance?

The saying goes, all things roll downhill, this means that if you neglect to have your car serviced and delay routine maintenance you are likely going to have a car that falls apart. Maintenance is part of owning a car. It can make the difference between a car that is going to drive well for a long time, and one that is likely going to break down and become damaged.


If you neglect to have your car serviced, you are going to be the one in trouble. You should be changing fluids, changing filters, having your tires rotated and balanced and more often. Neglecting to schedule routine maintenance on your car is certainly something that you should not do.

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