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Timing Belts and Honda Manufacturer’s Recommendation

The timing belt is what allows the crankshaft to move the camshaft and open the engine valves. Without a timing belt, the engine can’t run. Honda recommends that all vehicles manufactured after 1997 have Timing Belt Replacement service every 105,000 miles. If you have driven beyond this recommendation, today is the day to schedule Timing Belt Replacement Service.

Honda & Your Vehicle’s Proper Maintenance

Everyone knows that Honda manufactures the most dependable vehicles that run hundreds of thousands of miles with proper maintenance…..Keywords being……PROPER….MAINTENANCE. Every Honda was designed with a durable, long-lasting timing belt that might often perform well beyond the recommended service interval. Just because your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV has durable parts doesn’t mean that you should drive your vehicle until there is a catastrophic failure.

Timing Belts Eventually Break, Usually Without Notice

Even though your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV has a timing belt that will seemingly last forever, it won’t. The timing belt will eventually wear out. An unfortunate characteristic of timing belts is that they usually do not show signs of wearing out, they will just break, leaving you and your passengers stranded. If the timing belt does break, serious damage can happen to your engine. The most common consequences of a broken timing belt are bent valves, cylinder head damage, camshaft damage, and piston damage.

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When the timing belt wears out and breaks, that is the day you get left stranded. Since you know that the timing belt is a part that will eventually wear out, and you’ve never had your timing belt inspected or replaced, today is the best time to take care of this important maintenance item.
Don’t risk driving around with a timing belt with thousands of miles beyond the recommended maintenance interval. We don’t want you to get left stranded. Call Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills today to have one of our Honda certified technicians take care of your Honda Timing Belt Replacement Service.


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