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The Brake Disc, or Rotor, is attached to the wheel location to help stop your vehicle. Brake pads contact the rotor to apply the force that stops your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV. The constant stopping force applied to your brake rotors will eventually cause them to wear out and require turning service or total replacement service. Over time, brake rotors are subjected to intense friction and heat that can cause them to warp, crack, or become misaligned. Worn out brake pads can scratch grooves into the surface of the brake rotors and cause damages. As brake rotors get cracked, warped, or damaged, the surface area is reduced to limit the stopping power transferred to the rotor. As your brake rotors get worse, the performance will eventually fall below Honda specifications to create an unsafe driving situation that is a safety concern.


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Honda Brake Rotors

Honda Brake Inspection

Honda Brake Rotor Resurfacing

Signs of  a Brake Problem:

  • Brake noise
  • Vibration in the brake pedal
  • Soft or hard brake pedal feel

New Brake Pads will Not Solve Rotor Problems


Even though Brake Pads are an important Brake System part, replacing brake pads on a faulty brake rotor will not solve the problem. Worn out brake rotors will require resurfacing service or total replacement service. Brake Rotor Resurfacing will give your rotors a new surface area with maximum contact with the brake pads to give you factory specification stopping power. However, if your brake rotors are worn out beyond resurfacing, they will require Honda Brake Rotor Replacement.


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If you have any of the signs of a brake problem, contact Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills to speak with one of our expert service advisors about scheduling a Honda Brake Service. We will have a Honda certified technician inspect your Honda brake system and make any maintenance or repairs as needed. The best way to get maximum stopping power and safety for your vehicle is to schedule Honda Brake Service with a Honda certified technician.

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