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For Honda drivers in the Fort Worth area, Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills‘s Service Department is the number one place to take your vehicle for brake service and parts.


Our Factory Certified technicians are always up-to-date on the latest Honda standards and procedures. Our team of experts always use Genuine Honda OEM brake pads, shoes, rotors, calipers, drums, and fluids to service, repair, and replace your car, truck, van, or SUV brake components.


When it comes to maintaining your Honda, little is more important than your brakes, there is no greater cost to the performance and safety of you and your passengers!


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Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills Brake Service


At Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills, we want our customers to have the best driving experience and driver safety. Braking is a critical function for your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV. Your Honda brake system is complex with several key components that work together to stop your vehicle. The best way to know that your Honda Brake System is giving you maximum stopping power and safety is to schedule Honda Brake Service with a Honda certified technician at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills.


Do I Need Honda Brake Service?


If you are experiencing any of the following warning signs, you will need to schedule Honda Brake Service:


  • Noise when pressing the brake pedal
  • Stopping distance has increased
  • Brake pedal pulsates when applying pressure
  • Brake pedal must be pushed farther down to stop the vehicle

Ignoring these symptoms of a faulty brake system can cause damages that lead to costly repairs or getting left stranded. You don’t need to take any risks when Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills is right here ready to help.


What does Honda Brake Service Include?


Schedule Service


If you have not had your brake system inspected recently or if you are experiencing any of the warning signs mentioned, you will need to schedule an appointment for Honda Brake Service. Schedule an appointment today at Norm Reeves Honda North Richland Hills to have one of our Honda certified technicians give you a Honda Brake Service. Our service center offers a variety of amenities including After Hours Drop Off/Pick UP, a fun Kids Zone, and free car wash with every non-Express Services.

Our Many Amenities:

Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff

Customer Lounge

Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate

Snack Bar

Loaner Vehicles Available*

*not available for Express Services


Bottle Water

Magazine & Newspapers

Shuttle Service

Car Wash*

*not available for Express Services

Early Bird Drop Off

After Hours Drop Off/Pick Up

Satellite TV

Kids Zone

Honda Brake Service for Customers in the Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless, and Bedford, TX area!

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