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The internal combustion process in your engine is a necessary process to keep your car going. While this process does require combustion, it also requires oxygen, which is where your oxygen sensor comes into play.


Your engine has a huge range of different systems and sensors in place to help make it possible for it to keep going. That being said, your engine needs both a spark and oxygen to keep that spark going. Your oxygen sensor works to help determine how much oxygen your engine needs to maintain speed and power.


When your oxygen sensor goes bad, your engine can get choked and can die out while you are driving or not get enough oxygen to start at all. You have to have oxygen in order for the internal combustion process to take place so that you can drive.

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When Should I have a My Car’s Oxygen Sensor Replacement?

Without your oxygen sensor, it is going to be nearly impossible for your engine to get enough oxygen. The sensor helps to regulate the oxygen that is coming into the engine at any given time. The sensor can send a message to open up the vents to allow more oxygen or to close them to limit oxygen. The sensor is a big part of your car being able to regulate itself and to drive efficiently.


Delaying this type of service is likely going to end in your engine not being able to work. You have to have the oxygen sensor so that the engine can regulate itself and get enough oxygen to respond to the power needs that your engine has. The sensor works to regulate the oxygen that your engine gets and it is necessary to make sure that the sensor is working properly and that it is going to be able to keep your engine going.

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