Spring Maintenance & Tips

Preparing Your Honda for the Spring

After winter, your car is going to need some preparation for the spring and summer months. Spring means warmer temperatures. Knowing some tips that will help make your spring better is a must.

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Springtime Vehicle Maintenance and Tips

For starters, you should give your car a good wash to remove any salt and grime from your car. This salt is corrosive and can damage the paint and other components in your car. Removing it is going to help make your car cleaner and is also going to protect it. You should also look at your battery. During the colder months, your battery is under extra stress. You may need a new battery after winter. Another tip, check your fluids! The cold does affect the temperature of the fluids and can also affect the fluids themselves.

Servicing Your Vehicle Before Spring

The changing of the seasons is inevitable and taking the time to learn some tips for caring for your car is going to help take care of your car and make it possible to make it through the winter and into the warmer months. This type of service can help to get your car ready for the warmer weather. If you don’t clean off the salt and grime of winter, you may end up with a car that has damaged paint. If you do not change your battery you may go out one day to find that it will not start, if you do not change your fluids they may have changed consistency. Getting your car ready for spring does involve recovering from winter months.

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